List of 20+ secret codes iPhone in 2022

Do you know that the iPhone has secret codes that allow you to execute various tasks? The secret code for each smartphone is specific to the manufacturer. It can be difficult to keep track of and use all of the secret codes. We’ll reveal the secret codes iPhone in this article.

List of 20+ secret codes iPhone in 2022

You’ll need to input these secret codes into the dialer to access device information, disguise calls, troubleshoot issues, and so on. Let’s look at some of the secret codes iPhone, shall we?

Field Test Mode – secret codes iphone


This code will provide you with information about your network’s technical aspects. Using this iPhone secret code, you can find exactly how strong your network’s signal is in decibels.

  • Before continuing, check to see if your iPhone has a working cellular connection.
  • Afterward, open up the phone app and dial the code.
  • Make sure you select LTE from the Field test menu.
  • When you reach the Serving Cell Meals screen, tap it to begin.
  • On the following screen, have a look at rsrp0’s numerical value.

Its cellular signal strength in decibels is indicated by rsrp0, followed by a number.

The signal is strong when rsrp0 is between -50dB and 60dB. For those who are not aware, this means that the signal strength is excellent. Between -70dB and -90dB is a good signal strength range. When the signal strength exceeds -100 dB, experts consider it weak.

Enter Field Test Mode in iOS 10 or Earlier


If your iPhone runs iOS 10 or earlier, you must use a different method to enter Field test mode. After entering the code, you must press the call button on your iPhone’s dialer to make a call with iOS 10.

It will redirect you to the “Field test” page for network-specific information. To find out how strong the signal is, hold down the power button until the Slide to power off option displays, and then check the signal strength again.

The Slide to turn off option appears; instead of swiping, hold the home button for a few seconds. The strength of the network signal is now shown in decibels in the iPhone’s status bar.

Hide Your Caller ID

*31#mobile number

Have you ever wondered how it is feasible for your iPhone to receive multiple calls from unknown or unidentified callers? Few providers allow users to make anonymous calls by concealing their caller ID.

Using the code we gave, you can mask your caller ID; however, your carrier must support this feature.

If your carrier supports hiding caller ID, your caller ID will be hidden or displayed as “Unknown.”

Check the SMS Center


Your text message is sent to the server or SMS center when you send it from your phone. You can obtain the SMS Center’s phone number with this code.

Use your iPhone’s dialer, enter the code we supplied, then hit the call button to find the SMS Center’s phone number.

Check the Call Waiting Status


You must enter this secret code to determine whether or not your iPhone has call waiting enabled or disabled.

When ready to make a call, simply open the iPhone’s dialer, enter the phone number, and press the Call option. You can see if Call Waiting is enabled or disabled on your iPhone.

Enable/Disable Call Waiting

*43# (Enable)

#43# (Disable)

Call waiting can be enabled or disabled based on your preferences after examining its current status. *You must dial 43# on your iPhone for the call to be on hold.

The dialer must be opened, #43# entered, then the Call button tapped to turn off Call waiting. Call waiting will be phased out as a result of this.

Check Call Barring Status – secret codes iphone


If you don’t know why you’re not getting any phone calls, check your iPhone’s Call Barring Status. You can restrict incoming and outgoing calls with Call Barring, a capability that is rarely used.

Your iPhone will not be able to receive any calls, no matter how good your network is. Using your iPhone’s dialer, input the code we provided and press the Call button to see if you’ve blocked any calls.

Enable or Disable Call Barring on iPhone – secret codes iphone

*33*pin# (Enable)

#33*pin# (Disable)

Use your iPhone’s Call blocking feature to avoid being contacted while you’re away. Dial *33*pin# (replace ‘pin’ with your SIM PIN) to enable the call blocking feature. When you’re finished, simply press the call button on your phone.

Dial #33*SIM PIN# followed by the Call button to turn off call blocking.

Check the Call Forwarding Status – secret codes iphone


Allows you to redirect incoming calls to a different phone number. To eliminate interruptions, many individuals enable this great function.

The current state of Call forwarding is revealed through a secret code. Enter the code we’ve provided into your iPhone’s dialer, then press the Call button. This shows the current state of your iPhone’s call forwarding.

Divert Calls to Another Number


Call forwarding is made possible by the use of the USSD code. Using the iPhone’s dialer, enter *21phonenumber# and press the call button to reroute calls.

In this case, ‘phonenumber’ should be replaced with the phone number you want to forward all incoming calls to.

Enable or Disable Call Forwarding


Launch the dialer, input *21#, and then press the call button to enable or disable call forwarding.

Depending on your preference, you can use this code if you want to enable or disable call forwarding.

Check Call Line Presentation



A feature on the iPhone called Call Line Presentation displays the caller’s phone number when the phone rings.

It is possible to disable Call Line Presentation so that the phone number is not displayed when a person calls. Using the code we’ve provided, you may verify the same.

Show Your Mobile Number on Caller ID

*82(the number you are calling)

If it has been completely blocked, you must use this code in front of your phone number.

It is, therefore, necessary to enter this code if your friends cannot view the display of your phone number or name on their caller IDs.

Get the Local Traffic Information


If you don’t have an internet connection, you won’t be able to utilize any iOS navigation apps.

As a result, you don’t need an internet connection to check traffic data with this code. There is a lot of useful traffic data available in the code.

View the IMEI Number


To identify your iPhone, you must know its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). The IMEI number of your iPhone may come in handy at some point in the future.

You may find the IMEI number of your iPhone by dialing the USSD code *#06# from your phone. Any phone, including an iPhone, may have its IMEI number checked with the USSD code *#06#.

Other secret codes iPhone:

*5005*25371# – Use it to check whether the alert system is working or not.


*5005*25370# – This one disables the alert system


*3282# – Shows the use of information info.


*#61# – Shows the number of missed calls


*646# (Postpaid) – Shows the available calling minutes


*225# (Postpaid) – Shows the Bill Balance


*777# (Prepaid) – Shows the available balance

The best secret codes iPhone of all time is here. Check out the best Android secret codes if you have an Android phone. Please let us know if you use any more USSD codes on your iPhone.



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