List of Best song recognition Apps for Android (2024)

Have you ever been in a situation where a pleasant song comes on the radio, but it’s already over before you can figure out what it is? Most of the time, you wouldn’t remember the song’s title or who sang it. Android users can choose from several song recognition programs.

You can use the microphone on your phone to sing the tune into some of these apps and have it identified. Software that can identify songs automatically, a.k.a. Tracking down a song’s origins by comparing an acoustic fingerprint to a vast digital archive, is the primary goal of song recognition software.

When listening to a new playlist, one of the most common queries is, “what song is this?” or “what is playing in the background?” Song recognition software effectively answers these questions.

To ensure that you never go without your favorite tunes again, we have compiled a list of the top Android song recognition apps in 2022. Based on how quickly and accurately each app could identify songs, I gave them each a rating. Therefore, let’s get this party started:

List of Best song recognition Apps for Android (2024)

Music ID

You may find the best music recognition and soundtrack tags in Music ID. This simple-looking tool is a wonderful solution for individuals who don’t need additional functions beyond those listed above.

Popular songs and artists are cataloged and described in the Explore section of the music discovery app. The app, sadly, does not provide music lyrics. However, you can add feedback to detected tracks.

The Music ID app for Android provides a comprehensive profile for each musician, detailing their filmography, television appearances, bio, and more.


People often say things like, “Shazam, this song.” Shazam is, without a doubt, the most widely used app. Fast and accurate song recognition is just one of the many enticing characteristics of this program’s three-paned user interface. Nonetheless, the free edition is marred by intrusive adverts.

There are numerous options provided by the Android app when the song has been recognized. You can listen to a snippet of the song, see the music video on YouTube, or read the words on the screen.

The software also includes a pop-up tool for recognizing songs using different applications. Then there’s offline Shazam, which works without an internet connection but finds the song as soon as the user reconnects.

The Shazam software has a built-in QR code scanner and can be used to recognize posters, magazines, and movies using the device’s camera. Check out the charts to see what’s trending locally, then tap the app icons for your preferred music streaming service to hear complete songs from services like Spotify and Google Play Music.


When compared to other music streaming services, Sound Hound holds its own. The Android software does more than simply recognize music; it also offers a selection of different listening styles. Unlike Shazam, the screen that displays search results for music also shows relevant music videos.

There’s a song assistant in the SoundHound app as well. You may use Okay Hound to look for an artist and listen to all of their tracks. You can also hum the tune to SoundHound in hopes of having it recognized; however, this tool has some reliability issues and isn’t always reliable.

In addition, Google Play lets you connect your Spotify account, browse song lyrics, and shop for music. It stands out from competing for music recognition software because its web-based “Midomi” version can use your computer’s microphone to identify tunes.

Overall, I found the song identifier’s interface impolite and limiting. In particular, with the video window, that won’t go away. In addition, similar to YouTube videos, turning off the screen will immediately halt the music.


Unlike other song finder-multimedia apps, Musixmatch’s primary purpose is to provide song lyrics and recognition. On the other hand, it is pretty good at finding music.

Musixmatch’s floating lyrics feature not only displays the words to the song in real-time while it plays in the background but also highlights the words as they are sung. The lyrics to the songs you find with this app are also available in other languages. Regrettably, not every song has a foreign-language version.

Create flashcards to help you remember the words by quoting a small song section and sharing it on social media.

Similarly to karaoke music apps, the pro version of MusicXmatch allows for word-for-word sync while singing. You can also view lyrics even when you’re not online.


Genius, another popular music discovery app, can be downloaded through the Google Play store. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to browse the extensive music library and view chart positions.

A live lyrics feature is available; however, it is not as polished as MusiXmatch’s. Besides that, song lyrics are available for browsing and searching. The music video to that song is also available for your viewing pleasure.

Lyrics to the recognized music can be downloaded and viewed in the app whenever you choose. As a bonus, the software comes packed with a library of films.


You can improve the music-listening experience with Beatfind, an app that can identify songs. A strobe effect is created by using the light from the user’s smartphone in time with the beat of the music rather than just looking for it.

Fascinating animations will strive to time themselves to the music. Beatfind’s ads are a significant flaw in an otherwise helpful music-searching app.

In 2022, to determine the title of a song, one must use the search bar located at the display’s base. However, it is generally hidden beneath intrusive pop-up ads.

Aside from this, it contains all the standard capabilities, such as a list of previously recognized songs and the ability to stream music from services like Spotify, YouTube, and others.


Soly is a lyric-generating music finder that can also identify tunes. It also has a built-in music player so you may listen to your songs.

Many people like Soly’s songs; however, they have a few issues. Soly’s persistent advertising is the app’s biggest drawback; they pop up more often than in any other song identifier applications we’ve reviewed.

When identifying music, Soly does not often show the words to songs. You can manually search for lyrics in another column.

Google Now Playing

Google hides a treasure trove of novel ways to do searches just waiting to be uncovered. Google’s in-built music identification engine exemplifies one such strategy. To get the lyrics to any song, launch the Google app, tap the microphone icon (next to the search bar), and select “Search for a song” from the menu that appears. Play the song or hum along to help Google determine what it is.

However, Google’s music identification service does not have a built-in song-chart generator or anything like that. This is just a simple song title indicator. However, suppose Google has identified the tune. In that case, it’ll take you to a page where you can access the song’s lyrics and stream audio and video versions of the music via services like Spotify and YouTube.

The most excellent part is that you don’t need any music-identifying app. Everything you need to do may be done through the Google app already loaded on your phone. You may check out Android’s song-recognition record in the system’s settings.

Tips for identifying songs

However, while the aforementioned song recognition software are relatively effective, there are still some things to remember when trying to put a name to an unfamiliar tune. For example, if there is a lot of background noise or other music playing simultaneously, the app may not function properly.

Bringing the phone closer to the noise’s origin could help in this case. When the app fails to decipher a song, it’s usually because it’s a cover version or a user-created original that they didn’t include in the app’s database.


Shazam and MusiXmatch appear to be the two most widely used music recognition apps right now. When it comes to the music-identification feature, though, each app has its own unique set of features to offer. For instance, with SoundHound, you may use humming to locate songs. Consequently, it is recommended that you try out a few different apps before settling on one.

When it comes to identifying songs accurately, Shazam is without peers. MusiXmatch’s quick music recognition feature is another reason for the app’s success.

Leave a comment telling us which music-finding app you liked best and why. You may learn more about Android apps by reading the articles in TechMaze.


Which is better, Shazam or SoundHound?

Both apps are great at recognizing songs, but SoundHound has the edge over Shazam because it can realize musical elements from your hums alone. Conveniently, there’s a web-based alternative to downloading SoundHound called Midomi.

How do I use Google to find out which song it is?

One of the easiest ways to recognize a song is to open the built-in Google app on your phone, press the microphone button, and then pick “Search for a song.” Listen to music as the search engine finds what you’re looking for.

How to find a song by humming it?

Google or compatible third-party software (like Midomi) will let you sing or hum a song’s title or lyrics to find it. Even though it’s not as exact as having these services listen to the actual song being played, you can also do humming to identify a song.


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