How to scan discord QR code and log in

How to scan discord QR code and log in? It’s possible that the vast majority of gamers already use Discord. Millions of people over 13 use Discord, the best free voice, video, and text chat app. Discord lets players communicate even if their game doesn’t support voice or text chat.

If you’ve ever used Discord messaging software, you know it’s packed with cool stuff. Many guides to using Discord have been published on Techviral; this article will detail using a QR code to sign in.

To access Discord from a computer or laptop, simply scan the QR code using the Discord software on your mobile device. Neither the username nor the password needs to be entered by hand.

In this piece, we’ll explain how you can utilize a QR code to access Discord. There won’t be any complicated procedures involved, so long as you stick to our lead. I propose that we look into it.

How to scan discord QR code and log in

It’s crucial to remember that the QR code feature only works if you’re already connected to your Discord account on your mobile device. You can’t use this function unless you have a mobile app.

  1. It’s time to fire up Discord on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the profile icon.
  3. It will open the preferences panel for the current user. To scan a QR code, simply scroll down and select the corresponding option.
  4. The Discord mobile app will now inquire about camera access. Make it possible to read the QR code.
  5. Launch Discord on your PC, either the standalone client or the web-based service. A quick response (QR) code is provided on the sign-in screen.
  6. The QR Code will now appear on your computer screen; point the camera on your phone at it.
  7. It will send a confirmation request to use the computer to log in to your phone shortly. It’s as easy as clicking the “Yes, sign me in” button.
  8. A confirmation message will appear now. You have successfully logged into your Discord account, as indicated by the notification. Select Next by tapping the Continue button.

Please note that the QR code on your screen will only work for the next two minutes. You must either restart the app or reload the web page to see the QR code again.

To quickly enter your desktop Discord account, simply scan the QR code provided. I truly hope you found this essay informative. You are welcome to forward this to your friends. Speculate away in the comments if you must; we’ll do our best to answer any inquiries.


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