Top 11 Best USB Bootable Software For Windows

Well, To install a new OS on the PC or create a backup, we used to burn the system to CDs or DVDs. However, times have changed a great deal as technology has improved. You can now make saves easily and install the OS from a USB hard drive, among other better options. To do this, you only need the best USB bootable software. You can read this piece if you need to know which software to use because there are so many of them on the market. This post lists the best USB bootable software for Windows 10 and 11. The list was made after considering many different things, such as price, speed, ease of use, and features. Forget spending time and reading about the best USB booting software tools for Windows immediately.

Top 11 Best USB Bootable Software For Windows

The following is a list of the best free and paid USB bootable software you can download for all Windows.

1. Rufus

Let us start by telling you about Rufus. The best USB bootable software lets you easily boot from a USB to install an operating system. It is open source and free. Rufus can also run low-level tools and flash BIOS and software. Rufus is also one of the best free USB booting software programs because it lets you change the file system, partition methods, and cluster sizes. You can check the USB drive for bad blocks and get rid of them with this program. The cherry on top is that Rufus doesn’t need to be installed because it is a portable USB booting tool.

2. ImageUSB Writer

ImageUSB Writer is the next name on this list of the best USB bootable software apps. It does exactly what it says on the tin: it lets you create an image for your USB drive and boot any operating system you want. Using the tool, you can create a bootable device for any partition, whether a GPT or MBR partition.

3. Etcher

On our list of the best tools to create working USBs, Etcher comes in at number two. It’s a simple piece of software that even people who have never used it can use without problems. It is well known that this program can write picture files from ISO to IMGs safely and correctly. This free and open-source software has many features, such as confirmed flashing (which stops you from writing pictures to damaged cards), easy drive selection (which prevents unwanted overwriting), and cross-platform compatibility.

4. Windows USB/DVD Tool

Next, Windows USB/DVD Tool is one of the best USB bootable software for Windows 10. This relatively simple tool lets you easily create DVD flash drives and USB drives. Three simple steps are required: Select ISO and click Next after inserting a USB or DVD drive. You can see that the ease of use of Windows USB /DVD Tool is its best feature. But you should consider any other program on this list of the best free USB bootable software if you want more advanced features for tweaking and improving performance, like checking for bad blocks.


Now, let’s look at YUMI. It is one of the best multiboot USB makers because it lets you use its device driver and different software tools to make a bootable USB flash drive. We like YUMI multiboot software because it has features like backup drive creation boot of antivirus software, camera drive, and other important drives. Also, it has a drag-and-drop feature, supports both FAT32 and NTFS file systems, and has a safe booting feature.

6. RMPrepUSB

There is no need to look further than RMPrepUSB for the best USB bootable Pendrive software for Windows. It is fully adjustable software with many features and options to please users. Some cool features are file systems, QEMU emulators, and a kernel you can change. You can also download this free USB bootable software for all Windows operating systems to create a USB drive without restarting your system. Other great things about RMPrepUSB are that it lets you install bootloaders like grub4dos, bootmbr, and more.

7. WinToUSB

The next software in our list of the best USB bootable software for Windows is WinToUSB. As soon as you plug it in, it backs up all of your files safely on a flash drive or the memory card in your computer. A wizard-style interface, the design of Windows from a CD/DVD drive or VHDX/ISO/VHD/ESD/WIM/SWM image file, the choice to install the program on a boot partition or system partition, and BitLocker protection of files are some of WinTo USB’s most alluring features.

8. UNetbootin

UNetbootin is the next name on this Windows 10 USB bootable software list. You can download the Linux version straight from the user interface of this program and create portable devices from ISO files. This free, simple program finds and fixes all the mistakes that make your computer work badly. It also works as split software and can fix broken, lost, or corrupted files.

9. Universal USB Installer

The final USB bootable software for Windows 10 on our list is the Universal USB Installer. You can create any usable USB with this program. It enables the creation of various types of usable USB drives for Linux, Windows, malware escape devices, and other operating systems. Another great thing about this software is its simple, easy-to-use design and feature list. Select OS from the drop-down box, select the ISO file, and then click Install to create a working USB drive. Additionally, it lets you create portable USBs with active storage.

10. LinuxLive USB Creator

LinuxLive USB Creator is the next name on this Windows 11/10 USB bootable software list. It is a Windows program that lets you boot Linux from a USB storage device, just like the program’s name suggests. For those who want to try out the Linux operating system on a Windows device, LinuxLive USB Creator is a great choice. As an open-source tool, this one can be changed to fit your needs.

11. WinSetUpFromUSB

Next, WinSetUpFromUSB is the last piece of USB bootable software for Windows 11/10 on our list. Using this freebie program, you can boot the OS in different ways with ease. The authors also keep the tool current, making it very reliable and legal. It is also very simple to use this program. You only need to select your computer’s boot mode and the ISO or other bootable files. A usable disk file drive will be easily available after a few minutes.

Consider The Following:


The USB above bootable software was the best option to create USB drives that can boot Windows 10. You can make saves and install operating systems on these USB flash drives. These USB drives can also be used repeatedly for saving videos, photos, and other files. Last but not least, remember to leave a review and tell us which software you chose.


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