Best 13 Free DVD Player Windows 10

After installing Windows 10, you’re undoubtedly wondering how to play a DVD on Windows 10. If no built-in software exists, look online for alternatives. We’ve reviewed some good free DVD player Windows 10. Each program has been weighed for merits and downsides.

Top 13 Free DVD Player Windows 10

You’ll need to download a DVD or Blu-ray player for Windows 10. We’ve compiled a list of the best free video players for Windows 10.

1. VLC by VideoLan – Ad-Free Free DVD Player Windows 10


  • Sync subtitles easily
  • Ad-free.
  • No codecs are required.
  • Hardware decoding

You’ve probably heard of VLC. Unlike other media players, this one is ubiquitous and versatile.

VideoLAN (VideoLAN) is free software that allows you to stream video from the web to your PC.

Downloading this program allows you to watch videos in all popular video formats. In addition to being robust and reliable, VLC is also very user-friendly.

2. PotPlayer – Fully Featured Free DVD Player Windows 10


  • Full OpenCodec support
  • 3D viewing.
  • Bookmark chapters.
  • Supports TV, HDTV, and DVD.


  • Audio defects.

Want a fast media player with low system requirements? Then try PotPlayer. This free DVD player Windows 10 uses hardware acceleration (Nvidia CUDA, DVXA, and Intel QuickSync).

PotPlayer is a media player with similar technology. If your computer has more than one sound card, you can choose which one to use. Music and movies are available on Blu-ray discs or DVDs. PotPlayer allows you to add codecs easily.

3. DVDFab Player 6 – Easy to Use Free DVD Player Windows 10


  • Easy to use.
  • Local file explorer.
  • Installation is straightforward.
  • It has Blu-ray.


  • Scarce functionality

DVDFab Player 6 is a great free DVD player Windows 10. To play music and video files from DVD or Blu-ray, choose from free, regular, or extreme. It works on both PC and TV. It can play DVDs, ISO files, and directories.

The new playback engine is smooth and steady. This free DVD player Windows 10, also plays popular file formats. It can play MKV and M2TS.

4. GOM Player – Easy to Install Free DVD Player Windows 10


  • Play DVDs and online files.
  • Easy installation.
  • A lot of subtitles in the collection.
  • Multimedia support


  • No Blu-ray codecs.

Free DVD Player Windows 10 is free and supports several video formats.

You will need to search, download, and install the codec required to play Blu-ray disc content. Almost any other format is acceptable. MP42, H263, H265, XVID, etc.

A paid subscription to GOM Player removes ads and ensures the best 4K video playback.

5. KMPlayer – Free DVD Player Windows 10 With Great UI


  • AVI files are played, even if damaged
  • URL live streaming
  • Great UI.
  • Superb image and sound.
  • Settings are adjustable


  • No stereo.

KMPlayer is a free 3D, 4K, and UHD DVD player for Windows 10. No need to manually download and install codecs.

You may need to reduce a file’s size to play it on a small device, or you may download a movie and find that your device doesn’t support its format. Utilize one of these free video converters.

6. 5KPlayer


  • Accept various media files.
  • Use native plug-ins
  • Call recording
  • HD video recording
  • Lossless video transfer


  • Difficult to use for beginners
  • Ads.

Free MVK/UHD movie and music player with AirPlay and DLNA. 5KPlayer also supports YouTube, Facebook, and MTV. Music in MP3, AAC, APE, and FLAC formats can be played wirelessly over AirPlay and DLNA without quality loss.

The user interface is easy to use. The program can change the style, sound, audio tracks, and subtitles.

7. PowerDVD 20


  • Wide codec support
  • Awe-inspiring screencast
  • 8K, 4K, and HDR.
  • Various options for audio playback


  • Paid

PowerDVD is not the best freeware. It’s a great Windows media player with many soundtrack and movie options.

PowerDVD is a good free DVD player Windows 10. Then you have three choices: Standard, Pro, and Ultra. Prices and features vary.

8. Media Player Classic


  • No advertisements.
  • Nice playback.
  • Supported A/V file types
  • Choose a toolbar skin.
  • VC-1/H.264 Decoders


  • Audio and video playback
  • Metadata is locked.

This free DVD player Windows 10 can play menus in the original size. Player Classic can play multi-audio DVDs. If needed, use subtitles and other playback settings. Right-clicking the player screen allows you to zoom, resize, select multi-audio, etc.

The best DVD player for Windows 10 is Media Player Classic. You can also screenshot a movie frame. English, Russian, and others.

9. VideoSolo Blu-ray Player


  • Superb Blu-ray decryption technology
  • Has 1080P HD.
  • Can remove a region code
  • Many cinematic audio decoding systems.


  • No full-featured free version

The VideoSolo Blu-ray Player can unlock BD disks restricted to specific locations, platers, or formats. Beyond commercial Blu-ray discs, the program can play homemade Blu-ray discs without limitations.

The player also supports 4K, 1080p HD, and SD video formats. This player can play all DVD formats, apply a lossless audio effect to videos, and support Dolby and DTS for a great listening experience.

10. BlazeDVD


  • Amazing audio playback
  • Learning mode
  • Smart Stretch technology.
  • Multi-core CPU speedup


  • The free version has few DVD capabilities.

Here are the best DVD players that support CSS encryption and region coding. The free version cannot play region-locked DVDs or Blu-rays. It can also add subtitle files.

You need to buy the full version to enjoy all the features. $49.96. They can play DVD, VCD, and SVCD discs in various modes.

With Surround Sound, you get a movie theater-like experience. It contains eleven audio filters for outstanding sound.

11. ALLPlayer


  • Many languages.
  • Shortcuts galore.
  • Supported Windows versions:
  • With built-in Dolby Surround
  • Integrated file converter
  • Downloads YouTube videos.


  • Not cross-platform.
  • No portability
  • Private source code

Music and video files are also supported. It includes several options for optimal playback.

Not from a disc, but a file type. Using this software requires access to the.vob files. You can change the player’s screen aspect ratio, subtitles, and audio to improve your experience.

12. Leawo Blu-Ray


  • Downloading many files at once
  • Windows Vista and later are supported.
  • Menu to control media.
  • Exceptional sound decoding options


  • No top video or audio options.

This software plays DVDs and Blu-rays well. You can play ISO, HD movies, and audio files. The free Windows 10 DVD player only supports 1080p video.

This software supports Blu-ray media files from Windows Vista to Windows 10. You can select an audio file and add subtitles. No subtitles? Look at the player’s library.

13. Macgo Windows Blu-ray


  • Compatible with most Blu-ray and video file formats
  • Amazing audio playback options
  • View images.
  • Playing online videos


  • Only the Beta version is available

This Blu-ray player supports almost all OS and file types. Easy to alter audio and video settings, it also allows you to share clips on social media.

This DVD player works on Mac and Windows but not Linux. Also, the free version lasts only 3 months. PC/Mac licenses differ. You can use this software on multiple devices by selecting both OS options. A single variation is cheaper.

This Mac and Windows media player plays a wide range of file formats. Videos are available in AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, and WMV.


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