Top 10 Best Video Stabilization Software For Mac

Even with the most costly equipment, video footage can still be shaken. You might produce grainy yet shaky films, for instance, if you are filming a video while walking or your hands are fatigued from holding the video camera. Fortunately, this issue may be resolved by applying expert video stabilisation software !

What Is Software for Video Stabilization?

Unwanted blurriness, shakiness, and jitters that were recorded in a video during recording are fixed using video stabilisation software. Compared to the raw footage, the software produces results that are lot crisper and more fluid.

For macOS, there are dozens of video stabilisation applications on the market that you might want to use in 2023.
So without further ado, let’s examine the best choices!

The Top 10 Mac Video Stabilizers for 2023

With order to assist you in swiftly resolving the software with your video clip, we have put together a selection of video stabilisation programmes for Mac.

1. Filmora Wondershare

If you require expert and user-friendly video stabilisation software for your Macintosh, Filmora will come to your aid. Although the procedure can be completed automatically, it is important to note that the programme takes some time to launch.

You may also pan and zoom, change the colours, and alter the speed. Only the enormous PC load is to be criticised for this video stabilisation programme.

Download Filmora Wondershare For Mac

2. VideoProc

VideoProc is one of the top Mac video stabilisation programmes and a quick video processor. Denoise, transcode, resize, and stabilise 4k or HDR videos are all capabilities of the Mac video stabilisation application. With the fundamental video editing tools, such as edit, crop, combine, and effect, your films will look great in no time. Additionally, the tool has functions like Fix Fisheye, Make GIF, Enhance Video, etc.

Download VideoProc For Mac

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus

A more advanced video editor. You can quickly stabilise long films using Movavi Video Editor Plus. It can combine many videos into one tape and includes dozens of visual effects and stickers. All common video formats are supported by the brilliantly intuitive interface and many sophisticated features of Movavi Video Editor.

Download Movavi For Mac

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Because Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced video editing tool, users must be familiar with the fundamentals of video editing in order to use the software. There are countless options available with this video editor, including fundamental editing, deft blur, HDR work, sophisticated colour grading options, project cooperation, backup generation, etc.

With the help of its Warp Stabilizer effect and fine-tuning, one may eliminate unwelcome camera tremors in a matter of clicks and obtain the desired results.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro For Mac

5. Final Cut Pro

Professionals and novices alike use Final Cut Pro, one of the best video editing and stabilisation programmes, all over the software. The software has a staggering array of functions, including as motion tracking, 3D editing, and multi-cam editing. Even better, you can use good video stabilisation and play around with a tonne of different settings to get rid of the judder that isn’t necessary. Both novice and expert users will find the video stabilisation software’s user interface and settings to be highly convenient.

Download Final Cut Pro For Mac

6. Adobe After Effects

Another expert video stabilisation and editing software that you can use on your Macintosh is Adobe After Effects.
It is one of the most well-known pieces of software that works well with Premiere Pro. Although some users may find the user interface intimidating, it offers a number of special tools that may be used to improve the quality of your favourite videos.

Download Adobe After Effects For Mac

7. LightWorks

One of the few free editors that supports complex functions like colour correction, repairing shaky frames, and enhancing overall video quality is LightWorks. Finding a way to get handshaking out of a video frame will take some time. LightWorks includes a variety of transitions and video effects, just like more expensive products.

Download LightWorks For Mac

8. Pinnacle Studio

With Pinnacle Studio, you can edit 3D, 360, and 4K videos, break up enormous files into smaller ones, and more.
Using its built-in plugins, you may fix the shaky video issue, and the entire procedure runs in a semi-automatic mode. The video stabilisation programme also supports chroma key and the Multicam mode, which enables you to simultaneously process recordings from six different cameras. A huge selection of more than 2000 transitions, filters, and effects are available to users.

Download Pinnacle Studio For Mac

9. HitFilm Express

Another free video stabilisation software that you can use in 2022 with fewer editing and stabilisation options is HitFilm Express. It even offers a PRO edition with a number of capabilities only found in the premium tier. For instance, you may alter the weather in the frame, make 3D models that are fractally warped, correct colours, fix frame distortion, and more.

Download HitFilm Express For Mac

10. iMovie

You can use iMovie, a Mac native application, to stabilise films. The free video stabilisation software is exclusively accessible for Mac, even if the app is compatible with iOS and macOS. The application also offers a wide range of options for editing and transcoding videos. iMovie is a user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of creative options.


When capturing video, shake is a regular issue. It can only be avoided with the aid of pricey equipment or by knowing how to manually stabilise film. Try using a professional video stabilisation software to eliminate the shakiness and comparable wobble effects if these solutions don’t seem to work properly for you.

Let’s say you want a cost-free choice. Although Final Cut Pro or Movavi Video Editor Plus should be your first choice if you want some additional tools to make the process easier and stabilise long clips while enhancing the overall quality, you should still think about utilising iMovie.


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