13 Best PS2 Emulator for Android (2023)

You’re an Android player that likes to play games on his or her phone. When it comes to playing your favorite games, you want to do it with style. If you’re looking for the best Android PS2 emulators, why not come here? You must keep up with the rapid advancements in technology. So, why not a PS2 Emulator on a smartphone, since so many other computer features are currently available? We have no choice but to disappoint you. Continue reading for the best PS2 emulator for 2021.

What is PS2?

In this context, “PS” denotes the Play Station. Sony’s Playstation is the most popular gaming system ever made for the most part. PlayStation 2 is the most popular Android gaming console of all time, with 159 million copies sold. No other console has ever sold as many units as this one has so far. Many local clones and emulators were developed as the PlayStation’s popularity expanded.

A few years ago, the Playstation and all of its emulated games only worked with computers that had Windows installed. Incompatibility with mobile devices meant that the Play Station experience on Android phones remained a pipe dream for many people. Emulators can now be used on Android phones as well. A slew of emulators for Android phones have sprung up as the processing power and functionality of Android phones has improved substantially.

What are Emulators?

Applications that operate on a computer and may mimic the behavior of another computer are known as emulators. A Windows emulator, for example, allows your Android device to act as if it were a Windows computer. This emulator simply requires one.exe file to be installed on your mobile device. Emulation is another way of describing what an emulator does. To make Android cellphones compatible with PlayStation features, a PS2 emulator is used. As a result, an Android phone can run PS2 as an app.

13 Best PS2 Emulator for Android (2023)

Let’s have a look at some of the best PS2 emulators for Android:

DamonPS2 Pro

DamonPS2 Pro is widely regarded as the best PS2 emulator, and for a good reason. This list contains DamonPS2 Pro since it is one of the fastest emulators ever developed. This emulator’s creators claim that it can run more than 90% of all PS2 games. The PS2 games that are supported by this program include more than a quarter of them.

As a result, this software is best suited to handsets with built-in game storage. It consumes less electricity and moves at a rapid pace. The playability of a game can be gauged by looking at its frame rate. Your phone’s performance affects your gaming experience. When playing a high-resolution game on a device that does not meet DamonPS2’s specifications, you may experience lag or freezes.

Playing games on an Android device with a Snapdragon processor 825 or higher will be smooth. This implies that you’ll soon be able to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience with lower system requirements in Damon, which is still under development.

The free version of this software has a lot of ads, which is the main problem. The ads may also interfere with gameplay. Purchasing the app’s pro edition, on the other hand, will solve this problem. Using the Google play store, you can get DamonPS2 Pro.


As far as PS2 emulation goes, the FPse does not exist on its own. It’s a clone of Sony’s PSX or PS1 console from the 1990s. If you want to play PC games on Android, this app is a godsend. Size and version compatibility are two of this app’s best characteristics. Android 2.1 and up can run this app, which weighs in at just 6.9 MB. This emulator has only the most basic specifications.

However, this software is not free. This application does not have a free trial version. If you intend to use it, you’ll need to buy it. Fortunately, its cost is just $3. To relive your gaming history, all you have to do is buy it. Tekken, Final Fantasy 7, and CB: Warped are just a few of the many choices. This program provides a fantastic gaming and audio experience.

Do not worry that this is a PS1 or PSX emulator because this program is fun. The controls are the only thing that could be improved upon. The user interface is visible on the screen, although it can be hidden if desired.


Sadly, the Google Play Store does not have this emulator. You’ll need to get it from the website, but that should be self-evident by now. Installing it is as simple as going to the website, downloading, and doing so. It is completely free to use this application. In addition to Windows and iOS, Android and Mac OS X are all supported.

Using this emulator, high-end devices may easily obtain stable frame rates. With Play!, the game’s BIOS isn’t necessary for its operation.

It’s a great PS2 emulator, but there are a few issues with it. Resident Evil 4 cannot be played on low-end devices due to the inability to run high-end graphics. To run games smoothly, this application demands a high-performance computer. There is a noticeable jerkiness to the gameplay because of the frame rate. Play! has a frame rate of 6–12 frames per second. You may lose your enthusiasm for the game when loading times take a long period.

In any case, there’s no reason to throw it away anymore. This software is still being improved on a regular basis, and it will certainly get better in the next days as well.

Gold PS2 Emulator

This program has its own advantages and is quite easy to install from its official website. A BIOS file isn’t needed either. It is compatible with any Android device running Android 4.4 or later because of its low system requirements. This app’s best feature is the inclusion of cheat codes. It is also possible to save games to an SD card directly. Other formats supported by this application are ZIP, 7Z and RAR.

In the absence of recent updates, you may experience difficulties with this program. You may run into difficulties, ambiguity, and mistakes when working on your project. This can have a negative effect on your gameplay. The Gold PS2 presume that your device has a strong need to play a specific game, which could be tough.

This application’s source and development network are unknown; therefore proceed with caution if you intend to download it. It’s not as evident as some of the others.


In the Google Play Store, PPSSPP is one of the most popular emulators for Android devices. Instantly, you may transform your Android phone or tablet into a PlayStation 2. In terms of features, this emulator has the most. This app has been designed to work well on small screens. This app can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Despite the fact that it’s one of the most well regarded apps, there have been a few reported difficulties and bugs. PPSSPP Gold is also included in this program, which is meant to help the creators of the emulator. You can play games like Dragon Ball Z, Burnout Legends, and FIFA on PPSSPP Emulator.


The Google Play Store, where PTWOE got its start, is no longer an option. All you need to do is visit this page and download the APK. This emulator has two versions, each with a different speed, user interface, and other issues. We apologise, but we can’t help you make a decision based on your choices. You can choose the version that works best for your Android device. Controls and settings can be customized for each user.

Golden PS2

Gold PS2 and Golden PS2 may look same, but they’re not the same. With a variety of options, the Golden PS2 emulator is a versatile packet emulator. Emulators of the Fas chip are to blame for this.

Many devices are supported by this PS2 emulator, and it doesn’t require a large amount of processing power to run. It is capable of playing PSP games and has excellent visuals. A 16:9 monitor and NEON acceleration are also included. You will need to download the APK from the developer’s website because this app is not available on the Play Store.

NEW PS2 Emulator

I ask that you refrain from referring to me by my first name. It’s not as up-to-date as it appears. Xpert LLC created this PS2 and PS1 emulator that can also run on a PSX console. The most impressive aspect of the new PS2 emulator is that it can play almost any game file format. To name a,.7z,.cbn,.mdf, and.bin.

This emulator’s only shortcoming is in the area of visuals. Since its release, it has never done well in terms of graphics. If you want to play PlayStation 2 games on your computer, this emulator is a good option.

NDS Emulator

Because of user feedback, this emulator has been added to the list. According to user feedback, this PS2 emulator is the easiest to set up and use. Everything in this emulator, from the controls to the screen resolution, may be altered. In addition to.nds files, it can handle other NDS game formats. In addition, it may be used with external gamepads as well. These features are included at no additional cost.

It was developed by Nintendo and is one of the earliest emulators to have been made. You’ll get annoyed by the advertising. Aside from the annoying ads, this is an excellent emulator worth a try, despite the occasional interruptions. This could be a great alternative if you have an Android phone with at least version 6. However, if your phone is older than Android version 6, you can use one of the other emulators on this list.

Free Pro PS2 Emulator

We placed this emulator on our list because of its high frame rate. One of the best PS2 emulators on the market can run games at up to 60 frames per second for the vast majority of them.

Please keep in mind that this frame rate is heavily reliant on the hardware of your Android device. Almost identical to the new PS2 Emulator, this supports a wide range of game formats, including.toc and.bin. A device’s BIOS isn’t required to run games.


In addition to supporting Nintendo, GBA, NES, and SNES ROMs, EmuBox is completely free to use on the PlayStation 2. This Android PS2 emulator has 20 save slots per RAM. External gamepads and controllers can also be used with this adapter. You may fine-tune your Android device’s performance by adjusting the settings.

The ability to fast forward your games with EmuBox is another time-saving feature. With this emulator, the only real downside was the intrusive advertising. There are a lot of ads on this emulator.

ePSXe for Android

PSX and PSOne games are also supported by this emulator. Among its many strengths are its blazing speed, wide range of compatibility, and superb audio output. It works with both ARM and Atom X86 processors. Frame rates of up to 60 fps are possible on Android devices with sufficient horsepower.

Pro PlayStation

It is also worth noting that the Pro PlayStation is a great PS2 emulator. Realistic gameplay and an intuitive user interface are the hallmarks of this software. The vast majority of emulators lack features like saving states, maps, and GPU rendering.

Even more impressive are its incredible rendering skills and compatibility for many different types of Hardware controls. It does not necessitate a high-end computer system. Even if you have a low-end Android phone, you won’t have any major problems.

You won’t be able to play your favorite games on an Android emulator until it’s perfected. You must have a device with high-quality specifications in order to enjoy the best gaming experience. Despite the fact that these programs are now the best, further improvement is needed. PPSSPP and DamonPS2 are now the most popular and highly rated PS2 emulators. Our recommendation is to try one or both of them.



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