Top 14 Best Free Live Wallpaper For Windows Users

To add a personal touch to your desktop, Windows 10 offers several customization choices. People often change some settings as well as adding skins and stickers, different widgets, and desktop wallpaper. Pick a strong website that can assist you in finding clear and beautiful wallpapers for your Windows 10 device if you want to take advantage of the freedom of adding live wallpaper.

Can You’ve Animated Wallpapers on Windows 10, 11?

Although Windows doesn’t support live wallpapers, several specialized software programs can help you set a beautiful, feature-packed 3D moving wallpaper for Windows 10, 11, and 8. This is a well-researched list of the best live wallpapers that will help you make your desktop look better overall.

Top 14 Best Free Live Wallpaper For Windows Users

You can make your desktop more interesting by adding your pictures and icons. Check out our free live motion wallpaper list for PC downloads and add a beautiful slideshow of your favorite pictures and photos.

1. Rainmeter

Because of the many customization choices it offers, Rainmeter is very well-liked. This is the best tool for people who want to add a live wallpaper that does a lot to their devices. Simple and light are the words that describe this item.


  • It comes pre-installed with a lot of widgets and cool features.
  • It comes with a set of tools that you can use to put all the information you need on your desktop.
  • It can also help you control your music player.
  • You can choose your favorite skins from a huge list. The skin here is either a single widget or a pack of widgets that can be downloaded as “.rmskin” files.

2. Itachi Uchiha Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper is from the Naruto series and is good for anime fans. Well, the Itachi Uchiha Live Wallpaper is a character-based live wallpaper for Windows that makes the character come to life.


  • The wallpaper’s interface is dark and looks good.
  • You can download and use the wallpaper for free.
  • Both Windows and Mac devices are compatible.

3. Sim Aquarium 3

To get interesting 3D moving wallpaper for your Windows 10 device, Sim Aquarium 3 is the easiest choice. The tool works best for making deep oceans and virtual tanks that look amazing on your PC screen. People like this live motion wallpaper for PC because it can be downloaded for free and shows things in 3D.


  • You can add sound to your live wallpaper with the free software.
  • It can make a fish that looks real, along with its aerial environment.
  • The graphics in Sim Aquarium 3 are out of this world. It has 30 different types of fish and two coral reefs with 3D backgrounds.
  • In addition, you can customize your wallpaper by adding bubbles, sound effects, a soundtrack, a glowing water surface, and many more effects.

The best and most free desktop live wallpaper for Windows 10 lets you experience live coral reefs on your desktop.

4. Push Wallpapers

This amazing program is next on our list of free live wallpaper software for Windows 10. It offers a huge selection of totally playable wallpapers and has hassle-free functionality.


  • You can make live and video wallpapers with it. A movie of your choice can also be added to your desktop.
  • You can choose from many choices, such as surreal-spaced themes, 3D watery desktops, snowy desktops, Hyperspace 3D, Soft Shines, and more.
  • The app uses a limited amount of system resources and doesn’t do that.
  • Besides that, it lets you control and change the speed of particles that move in 3D wallpapers.

Put the software on your computer and let this amazing app do the rest.

5. Rain Wallpaper

The powerful software called Rain Wallpaper lets you add beautiful 3D and 2D live wallpapers to your desktop. It lets you set wallpapers that quickly change when you move your mouse.


  • It is a very useful piece of software that doesn’t put too much stress on your device’s CPU and GPU, making sure it works at its best.
  • During full-screen games or videos, you can use the live wallpaper stop feature that comes with it.
  • You can change your wallpaper right in the app, and you can also add still pictures to your live wallpaper.
  • The best thing about Rain Wallpaper is that you can get it for free.
  • In addition to having a clean interface, it can bring life to your desktop.
  • You can add effects, pictures, and videos in real-time.

6. Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper

Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper is a fun way to spice up your desktop and add charm. The software uses 3D live fish and a pretty water background to make your eyes feel good.


  • There is a free live wallpaper app for fish fans.
  • It has amazing drawings and color schemes for the fish that move around.
  • Your desktop will feel like a real-life tank.
  • From the pre-set choices, you can choose your favorite fish set.
  • Adding moving reefs, bubbles, and other features to your live wallpaper will make it look more interesting.

You can add lighting effects to this 3D moving wallpaper for your Windows 10 device in addition to the features listed above.

7. Wallpaper Engine

Continue reading to learn more about Wallpaper Engine, a well-known live wallpaper source. This software will light up your system’s screen in the shortest amount of time. This software can set live images, audio-based wallpapers, or short videos. It will be okay with what you’re doing. Additionally, this software can give your computer a brand-new appearance and never interfere with gaming or app functionality. You can also set up your wallpaper with this software.


  • Animations in 2D and 3D, videos and various devices can all be used.
  • Provides a choice of filter wallpapers.
  • Very good at pausing when the laptop isn’t plugged in.
  • By dividing the works into parts, the service allows users to customize them.
  • Performance has been strongly improved.
  • Make your songs that change based on the wallpaper by using this feature.
  • Free and easy to use.

8. Widget Launcher

Try Widgets HD if the Live Wallpaper for Windows 10 above doesn’t meet your needs. This new software is a remake of Widget Launcher and comes with many widgets and skins already installed. Use this beautiful software to improve your Windows desktop display.


  • You can change the look and color of your Widgets with its many customizable and unique features.
  • You can now see many live wallpapers, such as clocks, weather, schedules, CPU monitors, etc.
  • It comes with two extra skin options and basic panel choices.
  • The only bad thing about this easy-to-use app is that it doesn’t use clear tools, so it should be put on your desktop correctly to keep it from getting cluttered.

9. Lively Wallpaper

Lively wallpaper is always at the top of the list regarding the best live wallpaper for Windows. The fact that this software is free is what makes it so famous and successful. Despite being free software, it offers some of the best features that aren’t even present in paid software. This software offers a variety of features, including live web pages, video wallpaper, and audio visualizers as background. When you open a full-screen app, the wallpaper stops. In addition, you get advanced features like a multi-monitor setup, 4K resolution, live preview, and an ultra-wide aspect ratio.


  • The Lively Wallpaper software has an easy-to-use interface that lets anyone change their wallpaper.
  • The live wallpaper stops automatically when you open a full-screen game or program.
  • It works with high-definition and ultra-wide ratios.
  • It’s simple to drag and drop videos for live trial

10. WinDynamicDesktop

It’s the next free live wallpaper on this list of the best ones for Windows 10 PC. For this software, go to the Microsoft Store and download it. This is one of the best apps for setting up macOS Mojave on a Windows 10 PC. Look at the list of features below to learn more about the software.


  • The app finds out where you are and changes the Windows mood to either sunset or morning.
  • The app can be customized and set to the theme you want.
  • You can also load themes you or someone else has already made into the app.
  • The wallpaper, theme, color, and other settings on Windows 10 are easy to change and set.
  • The theme can be set to Mac Big Sur, Mac Big Sur Abstract, Catalina, etc.

11. DeskScapes

DeskScapes is the next piece of software on our list of the best free live wallpapers. The offers and features that make up this software are not free. Animated live wallpaper is easy to change and customize with this software. The software has a huge collection of wallpapers and can be used to make your personalized desktop with WMV files. Also, it offers more than 40 special effects that you can customize. Even better, you can quickly customize the color of the entire picture and recolor your current wallpaper. The software works with multiple devices and sizes to help the user find the best wallpaper.


  • The sample area makes it easy to look at the wallpaper before you choose it.
  • For the best fit, the software supports a variety of screen sizes and allows you to change and recolor the current wallpaper.
  • The interface is very simple and easy to change.

12. MyLive Wallpapers

The following free live wallpaper for Windows 10, 11, or older devices is on our list. Wallpapers for MyLive. An array of moving images can be downloaded for free from the site. Your choice of live wallpapers can be found in many categories, such as anime, nature, fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, and more. HD live wallpapers can be found on more than 300 gallery pages. Using the app, you can download and use the wallpaper of your choice on your devices. The app is called MLWapp, and it has almost all of the basic features of other apps that do the same thing. Along with movie wallpaper choices, it also offers music.


  • Users can add sound to their live wallpapers using the app.
  • A huge library of wallpaper is organized into different categories, and it’s free to use.
  • Easy to use and available for free
  • Its MLWapp app can be used.
  • Also present in the app are video wallpaper choices.
  • Full HD live wallpapers

13. Waifu- Live Gaming Wallpapers

Are you still looking for a live wallpaper app for Windows 10? If so, try Waifu: Live Gaming Wallpapers. You will undoubtedly enjoy Waifu: Live Gaming Wallpapers if you play games or enjoy gaming. The website offers live wallpaper from various games. You can download free live wallpapers from the site based on well-known games like GTA, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, and more.


  • You can search for the game you want and find live wallpapers that go with it.
  • There are many games from which to choose wallpapers and sort them into different categories.
  • For both Windows devices and smartphones, the app offers live wallpaper.
  • You can download and use any wallpaper on Waifu: Live Gaming Wallpapers for free.

14. Desktop Live Wallpapers

The free Desktop Live Wallpapers software from the Microsoft Store is one of the best live wallpaper apps for Windows 10. The software offers various live wallpaper styles for your Windows 10 PC, including Search, Dark Vista, 3D Aquarium, and many others. If you like cats, you might also find the Cat’s live wallpaper topic interesting.


  • It lets you make your live wallpapers.
  • If you send your favorite movie to the app, it will turn it into a live wallpaper. The Pro version users are the only ones who can use this function.
  • Desktop Live Wallpaper is one of the best live wallpaper set tools for multi-monitor setups because it supports three displays and different DPIs.
  • You won’t have to worry about the app using too many PC resources because the software stops the live wallpaper as soon as the desktop is hidden.


How To Set Live Wallpaper Windows 10?

It’s possible to use the terms “live wallpaper” and “customized desktop screen” interchangeably. You can use the built-in features of your Windows 10 device instead of a separate app if you don’t want to. To do that, follow these easy steps.

  • Choose Personalize from the dropdown menu after right-clicking the free place on your desktop.
  • Set the Background choice box to Slideshows in the following step.
  • To access the images you want to use in your slideshow, click the Browse button now. You can also change the size of the gaps between the photos and where they are placed to make it work better.

How To Get Animated Wallpapers On My Windows 10 PC?

Nothing is impossible in the world of technology, from creating amazing videos to watching movies online and setting live moving wallpapers on your desktop. You can use the built-in features of your Windows 10 operating system or specialized software for live motion wallpaper on your PC.

Also, Take A Look At:


Friends, that’s all we have to say about the best free live wallpaper for Windows 10. It’s time to change your boring desktop wallpaper to a live one you customize. Please choose the best software using our list, then get started. By setting a live wallpaper, you can give your Windows desktop a new life.


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