List of 10 Best Free MKV Player For Windows 10

The Windows Media Player is included in Windows 10 for media consumption. There are no issues with the built-in media player on Windows. Nevertheless, it cannot play the most modern video formats, such as MKV. This format is popular since it integrates video, audio, and subtitles into a single package. MKV files are not supported by most Windows media player software. Many Windows users have troubles with MKV files, such as no sound or video sluggishness when playing them. When dealing with MKV files, it is necessary to use an MKV player.

List of 10 Best Free MKV Player For Windows 10

The best free MKV players for Windows 10 PCs may be found in this post, which lists them all. Playing MKV videos is a breeze with these media player apps.

VLC Media Player

A top-rated media player for Windows 10, VLC Media Player is a free download. It can play almost any file type, including MKVs. Playing MKV files isn’t the only thing VLC Media Player is capable of. It has various features, including recording your computer screen, converting videos to different formats, and more.

An intuitive user interface and improved video playback controls distinguish it. Aside from converting and recording media files, VLC Media Player has several other useful features.

KM Player

A lightweight media player that can play MKV files may be the ideal option for those looking for a solution.

What the heck was that? In addition to MKV, FLV, AVS, and WMV, KM Player can play various video formats. To top it all off, numerous options exist for personalizing the KM Player on Windows.

Downloading videos from video-streaming websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Daily Motion is also supported by KMplayer for Windows.

FreeSmith Video Player

FreeSmith Video Player can be the best alternative if you need a Windows 10 MKV player for free. DivX, WMV, MPEG, AVI, and many other popular video formats are all supported by FreeSmith Video Player.

Users may now play videos directly from URLs on their computer using the software. Few video players can compete with FreeSmith Video Player in terms of simplicity and functionality.


If you’re looking for a powerful media player for your Windows 10 PC, consider DAPlayer.

In terms of music and video file types, DAPlayer supports a wide range of options. It is capable of playing MKV videos with ease. Media player applications that support add-ons have a greater ability to perform their intended functions.


According to SMPlayer’s developers, even MKV is supported by the video player software.

SMPlayer’s UI is quite similar to Media Player Classic’s and has an old-fashioned look. SMPlayer, on the other hand, is significantly faster than the other media player apps mentioned in the post.

Despite its small size, SmPlayer packs a powerful feature set. Additionally, it can seek or download subtitles from the internet. YouTube videos can also be played back using SMPlayer.

DivX Player

Currently, it’s one of the most visually pleasing MKV players for Windows 10. DivX Player is unbeatable in terms of features because it works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

MKV is one of the many popular video file types it supports. Additionally, the DivX player can play 4K videos.

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic includes all the codecs needed to play incompatible files on Windows 10.

MKV is just one of many videos and audio formats supported by this player. As a codec pack is included, it can also improve the media compatibility of other media players.

GOM Media player

Windows 10 users should check out GOM Media Player, one of the best media players.

The GOM Media player’s main feature is its ability to play almost any media format. With the GOM Media player, you can look up codecs on the internet and download them for free.


A great media player, it downloads necessary codec packs in a flash. Potplayer can play almost any file type for media formats, including MKV.

Additionally, Potplayer can play broken or unfinished MKV files by ignoring the damaged frames.

ACG Player

Another great MKV player for Windows 10 that works well. A few useful features in ACG Player are shortcut keys, streaming web videos, and more.

Additional features include subtitles, music, gestures, and more. ACG Player is available for free download from the Microsoft Store, and you may use it immediately.

Here we have a few excellent free MKV players for Windows 10 users. These free Windows media players have no problems playing MKV files. Please add any additional MKV player you may be aware of in the comments section below.


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