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What if you wanted to edit your videos, get rid of the parts you don’t want, and get the best parts out? Is it possible that you’d like to edit your movie in various ways? Nowadays, the diversity of video cutting and editing tools available for PCs is quite astounding, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes..” It’s possible to find the best video trimmer with a wide range of functionality, while others are more limited.

15 Video Cutter and Editor Tools

Choosing the best video trimmer can be a challenge. However, if you’re just getting started, take a look at the top 15 options.

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is capable of a lot more than simply converting videos. It allows you to cut, trim, merge, stabilize, enhance, rotate, crop, and add text to your video recordings.

You may also use it to create animated GIFs, extract audio from videos, and convert between different media types. Movavi Video Converter is a must-have since it has a clean and straightforward interface that is easy to use.

Gihosoft Free Video Cutter and Editor

Make no mistake about it: Gihosoft is the best video trimmer, despite its cartoonish UI. Because it’s designed to simplify video editing, you can quickly and precisely get to the exact point in the movie where you want it chopped.

If you’re looking for a good, free video cutter, Gihosoft is an excellent choice. It can effortlessly handle enormous video file sizes and export them in any format you desire without sacrificing quality.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is an amazing program for cutting, trimming, joining, and editing videos, despite its lack of popularity. Multi-track timeline makes it easy to merge multiple video clips.

Also included are numerous options for color correction, filtering, and transitions in VSDC Video Editor and its cutting-edge capabilities. This is one of the few free editors that can edit newer formats like HEVC and a wide range of older ones like AVI and MOV (H.265).


Cutting and editing videos with Lightworks is just as well as more expensive software like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Timeline-based trimming and editing are made simple by including functions like color correction and effects in the software.

Even though Lightworks is free to use, upgrading to a higher-resolution video export format may need additional payment. Either a recurring or one-time fee might be used to cover this cost.

DaVinci Resolve

Another well-known video editor for professionals is DaVinci Resolve. With this robust video editor’s arsenal of tools, cutting and editing movies and applying color correction, filters, and effects are all possible.

A raft of new, more advanced features is included in the premium edition. Despite its basic and intuitive interface, DaVinci Resolve is not the most beginner-friendly editor.

Freemake Video Converter

The features of Freemake Video Converter make it an excellent video cutter and trimmer. Also included are tools for ripping and burning Blu-ray or DVDs, obtaining videos from internet streaming services, and a wide range of other options for converting videos.

This is a great option for those who only need the most basic features when it comes to functionality.


As a 3D modeling, rigging, animation, and video editing application, Blender is a far more advanced tool than a standard video editor or trimmer. Because of this, its features are a tad overloaded, to put it kindly.

Blender has a lot of power, but it’s a pain to learn and use. There isn’t much it can’t accomplish if you’re prepared to put in the time to learn how to use it.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Few editors are as popular as Adobe Premiere Pro, which is available separately or as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. It’s a powerful yet simple editor that lets you chop, trim, and change your videos in any way you like.

Premiere Pro’s large user base and plenty of resources are two of the software’s strongest suits.

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is a great place to begin if you’re interested in cutting, trimming, and editing videos in your browser. Filters, transitions, and text components are all included in its limited feature set.

Be mindful that it is supported by commercials, which may cause you to lose focus. If you don’t mind using an MP4-only online video editor, it’s useful.

Free Video Cutter Joiner

As the name implies, Free Video Cutter Joiner is a free utility for cutting and joining videos. Simply put, it’s a simple tool for quickly and easily splicing or splicing two or more videos together.

Free Video Cutter Joiner is a good option if you’re looking for a simple utility. It doesn’t have a vast range of options in terms of formats supported.

Shotcut Video Cutter and Editor

Shotcut is an intriguing free, open-source, cross-platform editor that isn’t generally known. Cutting and trimming video files isn’t all it can do, though. It also has a wide range of editing skills to compete with professional editing tools.

Shotcut has a wide range of video formats, 4K video compatibility, and a wide range of supported hardware. Most other editors in the same category have similar interfaces that require little to no customization.

Windows 10 Photos App

You may use the Photos app on Windows 10 to cut and edit videos without having to download a separate video cutter and editor. This is not the most feature-rich of editors, but the ‘Story Remix’ option for automatically combining films is intriguing.

There are better video editors, but this app might still be handy in a pinch if you don’t have access to one.

ClipChamp Video Cutter and Editor

With ClipChamp, you can record videos using your camera or upload already recorded videos. After that, you’ll be able to crop, flip, rotate, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos as desired.

ClipChamp is a good option for quickly editing tiny clips, despite its limited capabilities. The free version does have some restrictions, such as being able to export videos only in SD (standard definition) (SD).


WeVideo is an easy-to-use cloud-based video editing service that lets users edit videos on their computers or mobile devices. It’s possible to edit, cut, and trim your videos once uploaded to a cloud storage service.

All the essentials are there in WeVideo: effects and filters, and audio tools. There is a good media library there, so you can use that if needed. If you don’t want to pay for a membership, you’ll only be able to export in SD.

VideoPad Video Editor

Designed for novices, the VideoPad Video Editor is basic and uncomplicated, making it ideal for cutting video and audio clips. It will make it easier to clip and trim films and apply effects and transitions, and it will make the process more efficient.

MP4 output is only available in the commercial version of this editor, which may be an issue for some.


By now, you should be able to appreciate just how drastically different PC video editing tools are from their Mac counterparts. Considering all of this, you should be able to choose something that works for you among the 15 options listed above.

Trying out some free options or trials may be a good place to start. You’ll be able to see how each one works and make a more well-informed decision.



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